Our "Turn-Key" approach to helping physician practices usually follows these steps:

  1. We take time to learn about your business, your goals, and your needs.   Most importantly, we work to clearly identify how you define success.
  2. We assist you in your selection of an EMR and PMS system based upon your needs.
  3. We install, train your staff, and maintain your system 24x7.

Here are some other services we typically provide our physician practices:

  • Initial practice workflow assessment
  • Assistance with initial planning (identifying goals, needs, change management strategies)
  • IT systems selection & implementation
  • Network Hardware planning and acquisition
  • Telco, ISP & Video vendor selection & implementation
  • Integration of health information technology
  • Network security policies and implementation
  • HIPAA and PCI security software installation and policy generation
  • Business continuity planning- Data Backup, Colo, server imaging, desktop imaging
  • EMR & PMS Selection & Implementation
  • Assistance with EHR selection (matching CCHIT certified systems to the practice’s needs)
  • Assistance with implementation of EHR (through and beyond the training offered by the vendor)
  • Assistance with the effective use of an EHR
  • Assistance with the upgrade of an EHR
  • Assistance with the ongoing maintenance of an EHR
  • Active dissemination of best practices and research on the implementation, effective use, upgrading, and ongoing maintenance of an EHR including electronic health records, into the initial and ongoing training of health professionals and others in the healthcare industry
  • Lab systems integration
  • E-Prescriptions systems selection & implementation
  • Patient reminder systems selection & implementation
  • 3rd Party product integration-DragonSpeak, Ramsoft Radiology (PACS)

Yes, we truly do provide a Turn Key service offering to our clients.

Call us today at 225-751-4444 to start designing your Turn Key Solution.